Pizza Vending Machines to Hit U.S. Shores Later This Year!

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Pizza Lovers in the US will soon be able to get instant Pizzas out of vending machines. If you want your pizza fresh and made from scratch in less than 3 minutes, you will be able get a piping hot pizza instantly with Let's Pizza.

Apple Issues Second Patch for Infected Mac Users to Fight Flashback Trojan..


Apple on Thursday issued a second patch for a Trojan that has reportedly infected about 550,000 Macs. The update, dubbed Java for OS X 2012-002, does not appear to add anything substantial to the first update, according to security firm Intego, which spotted the new patch.

"It is possible that Apple discovered a minor glitch in the first update, necessitating a new release," Intego said in a blog post.

The second update, however, appears to only apply to OS X Lion, whereas the first one worked with Snow Leopard and Lion, Intego said.

Test Your Awareness!


Here is a simple awareness test released as an advertisement for the safety of cyclists. Its easy to miss something you are not looking out for, that is the simple message of this video. Count the number of passes the White team makes in the video below;

YouTube has exceeded four billion video views globally every day

YouTube Broadcast Yourself.jpg

Google has announced that uploads to YouTube now total one hour of video every second.

"Can you imagine how many 'Nyans' that is?" the company ask in a blog post announcing the milestone, referring to the mind-numbing "Nyan Cat" video that has been watched over 60 million times.

BBM 6: Apps Made Social..


Did you know that seventy percent of BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) users use BBM every day to communicate with friends, family and colleagues. You may have heard of the launch of BBM 6, along with BBM connected apps from the BlackBerry® developer community to deliver a whole new social app experience to #TeamBlackBerry – one that’s only available on the BlackBerry platform. What are BBM connected apps?

Flipboard Launches a New Re-Engineered iPhone App..


Flipboard is taking its celebrated iPad magazine and shrinking it down so you can take your page flipping, graphics-filled social media experience with you on your iPhone, everywhere you go.

A personal favorite app of Steve Jobs, Flipboard is a visually intense social media aggregator that organizes your friends’ tweets, posts, and links into a magazine-like spread. It’s been a hit with iPad users at large since it debuted in 2010.

Gameloft Releases New Trailer For Six-Guns, an iPhone and iPad Shooter Game..

Gameloft today released the second trailer for their upcoming western-themed third-person shooter, Six-Guns.

The new trailer shows off a little more of Six-Guns‘ Red Dead Redemption-like gameplay while also introducing additional mythical creatures for the game’s main character to go hunting for on horseback.

MS Office Could Be Available as iPad App Next Year..

In a move that would boost the iPad's transition from primarily a media consumption device to more of a productivity tool, Apple and Microsoft may be ready to offer the Office suite as an app for the groundbreaking tablet.

Currently, iPad owners can edit or create documents, presentations and spreadsheets using QuickOffice, a lighter version of the suite created and sold by an independent company. But the industry-leading Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote aren't yet available for the iPad.

9mm for the iPhone and iPad is an Action Packed Entertainer..


9mm by Gameloft is an astounding game for the iPhone, iTouch and iPad. It is currently available in the iTunes Store for $6.99. The size of the game is 720 MB and is designed for people over 17 years in age. The game is designed for adults because it uses -

Organize and Manage your iPad Apps with Folders...


Managing and organizing apps on your iPad is imperative as your number of apps grow and you want to sort them for easier access. You can currently have 11 home screens with 20 apps on each screen.

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